April 5, 2016


            On Saturday, May 14, 2016, the Kirby Elementary Choir and the High School Ensemble will be performing at the Magic Springs Musical Festival in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Music students from all over the Southwest will be performing in front of a Professional Music Adjudicator for a Trophy and a Rating of 1.2 or 3. The cost for performing students is $34 and $31 for chaperons. We start the day at Cutter Morning High School Gym for performance and judging. After which time, we go to the park for a day of fun in the sun at no additional cost. Students will need money for lunch at McDonalds on the way home. We depart from Kirby School at 7:00 AM and will return around 6:00 PM. The school will provide music, transportation, and the application fee for two performing groups. Kirby music students have been working hard to learn the music and to represent our school at this great music event.


                                                            Thank You,



                                                            Bill Hathcote, Music Teacher





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