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Identification Process - Step 1

The Gifted and Talented program accepts nominations throughout the school year from parents, teachers, counselors, administration, and community members.   

If you are interested in your child or a child you know receiving a GT evaluation, please call 870-398-4211 to request a nomination form.

Identification Process - Step 2

Once a student is nominated, the parents/guardians must sign a permission to test form.  Once the permission to test form has been received, the gifted and talented coordinator tests the nominees.  

Identification Process - Step 3

Each nominee is given a school ability test and a creativity test.  In grades 3 -12, other considerations include standardized test scores, grades, and a teacher rating scale.    

Identification Process - Step 4

Once all of the data has been collected, the information is placed on a blind nomination form and each student is given a number.  The information is then submitted to an Identification/Placement Committee for evaluation.  The Identification/Placement Committee consists of teachers ranging from Kindergarten to High School and Administrators.  The Committee's overseer is the Gifted and Talented Department's Coordinator.  

Identification Process - Step 5

Once a decision on placement has been made, a letter is sent to the student's guardian informing them of the outcome.  At that time, a authorization is required from the parent/guardian in order for a child to receive services from the Gifted and Talented Facilitators.  If the authorization is not received, it considered that the parent/guardian does not want their child to receive services.