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Exit Procedure

1.     A parent may decide to exit their child from the Gifted and Talented program. A request form will need to be requested and filled out.If evidence suggests that a review of a student’s placement in gifted programming options needs to occur, then the following steps will be taken.

2.     A conference is held to discuss the areas of weakness and in need of improvement.  At this time, a student may be placed on an action plan addressing the areas of concern.  There is not a change in placement at this time.

3.     At the end of the time period designated by the action plan, a conference is held with the parents, student, and the placement committee to discuss scheduling changes and/or continuation in the Gifted and Talented Program.  The placement committee has at least five professional educators including teachers, administrators, and/or counselors, and chaired by a GT trained specialist.

4.     Once the review is complete, the committee reviews all the data and makes a decision on the future placement of the student.  The parents and students cannot be present during this time.

5.     The parents and student are notified in writing of the decision of the committee.

6.     If a student was exited from the program, they may be recommended for the program at a later time.  If so, the student will follow the district’s identification procedures to determine if placement would best meet the needs of the student.

7.     Exiting a student from the program must be based on multiple criteria.  No single criterion is used to exclude a student from the program.