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Art Supply List


Thank you for all the extra stuff sent for us to do art with. I try to recycle things so if you save Pringles cans, paper towel rolls, coffee cans, leftover paint, fabric, or anything reusable, we will be happy to put them to use.


Thanks Kelli Mount




Kindergarten -2nd grade

Glue sticks

1 package of crayons

1 set of markers

1 pair of blunt tip scissors

pencils and erasers


3rd-6th grade

Glue sticks

1 package of colored pencils

1 set of markers

1 pair of pointed scissors

pencils and erasers


High School


7th Art , 8thArt, Art 1, & Art  2 Supply List

If you have already purchased these items you can re-use.


Plastic storage box-(sketch pad should fit in it)

Drawing pad- sketch pad

Several sharpies of different colors

1-4oz  bottle of Elmer’s glue

5- 2oz bottles of acrylic paint (your choice of colors)


Pencils and pencil sharpener




Allen Duggan Art 

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