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Kirby School District did not have a student enrolled in one of our 6 state
required math classes therefore we did not meet the Department of
Education’s accreditation standards.  Kirby School District has been placed
on probation for the 2013-2014 school year.  
2614 Hwy 27 North
Kirby, AR 71950


The BOOK FAIR will be Buy One, Get One Free and will be the week of April  27-30,  but the fair will not
open until testing is finished each morning.  We will be open April 30 for Parent Reading Night

Freedom of Choice Statement:
In accordance with Act 560 of 2015 parents must
submit school choice applications to the
nonresident district (where the student wants to
attend) no later than May 1st.  The nonresident
district will notify the resident district (where the
student lives) of the filing of the application.  The
superintendent of the nonresident district shall
notify the parent and resident district in writing
as to whether the student’s application has been
accepted or rejected no later than July 1st.