Kirby School District Seeking Millage Increase

We are proud to say that the Kirby School District is thriving and growing more and more each year, but many of our facilities are in need of renovations and upgrades to accompany our student growth. Over the last few years, we have been applying for partnership grants through the Arkansas Division of Public School Academic Facilities. It is with great excitement that we announce Kirby School District has received, in total, up to $2.3 million in partnership funding to build new facilities and renovate existing areas. This has been an extensive process, but one we feel is important to the future of our schools, students, and community.

On August 19, 2021, Kirby School District will be asking for your help in passing a 5 millage increase to help our district fund all of these new and exciting projects. We want our school to thrive for many years to come and we want our school district to be the best it can be for today's students and the students of tomorrow.