Hello January

Showboat Regular

Happy New Year!!!! 2022

3-Back to School from Christmas Break

4-Blevins JB SRs

6-@Ouachita JB SRs

7-Enrichment Friday

8-Pee Wee @Centerpoint

10-Springhill JG SRs

13-Miss Arkansas, Banking Thursdays Resume, MT IDA JG SRs

15- Pee Wee MT PINE


18-Star Math 1st and 2nd Grade, ODEN JB SRs

19-Star Reading/Star Lit K-2

20-Banking Thursdays

21-Enrichment Friday, Pee Wee @Caddo

22-Pee Wee Acorn

24-@Dierks JR Tourney - 29th

25-Mineral Springs JG SRs

27-100th Day of School, Ring Delivery JRs, @Blevins JG SRs, Banking Thursdays

29-Pee Wee @Delight

January Calendar