Dear Parents and Guardians:

     Thank you for entrusting your child to us this 2022-2023 school year. We have some exciting programs that students will love! Our upgraded Eureka Squared Math is a streamlined version of what we have been doing and is seamlessly integrated with K-8. Students and teachers alike will love the new Secret Stories, short phonics stories where letters have fun personalities and behave just like kids do make their sounds predictable and easy to remember, while also providing the logical explanations for letter sound behavior that learners’ brains crave!  We also have some great interventions that can be used to enrich or intervene in reading: LEXIA Reading, Sonday System, Step Up to Writing, and Saxon Phonics.  In 3-6 where students will be applying what they have learned in their previous reading classes, more emphasis will be placed on Accelerated Reading this year in order to  guide students through their reading progressions. Shurley English will be used for grammar employing  mnemonic devices and music to enable learners to retain grammar rules.  Social Studies, Science, and Writing are taught individually but also interwoven throughout the curriculum. 

      Teachers and our paraprofessionals have attended many training sessions this summer in order to facilitate students. We want to welcome Karmen Nolen who will teach second grade and Mary Hollifield who will assist Mrs. Gray.  

We are super excited to have our new Kindergarten wing finished, where Kindergarten students will have stations, opportunities for movement throughout the day, and time to adjust to the school environment. . Our staff is second to none! 

     Safety is the number one priority and Administration, the Safety Committee, and our SRO Team have numerous safeguards in place.

     It is so exciting to see the ongoing building projects and looking forward to seeing

 the finished products!

      We are on a journey not a race to ensure we meet the needs of each child.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Dolores Cowart

Elementary Principal, K12 LEA, and 504 Coordinator